Bioclimàtic projects nZEB

The possibility of being part of the shift towards a new sustainable architecture allows us to raise each project as an opportunity to develop new models of sustainability. Each one of our bioclimatic projects NZEB (near Zero Energy Building) aims at reducing the environmental impact on our environment.

According to the 2010/31 EU regulation ,from 2020 all new buildings have to be “near Zero Energy Consumption”, for this reason in Arquitectura Ambiental we want to be one step further and offer now our clients   the possibility of design and construct these buildings.

Our bioclimatic projects are conceived in a sustainable way, optimizing the use of natural resources,   building and HVAC systems, with the purpose of minimizing the impact of the buildings over the environment and its inhabitants.

The main aspects are:

  • Energy: minimization of the energy consumption and utilization of renewable energy sources.
  • Water: minimization of the water consumption and utilization of water-saving fitting and systems.
  • Material and resources: minimization of the environmental impact by means of designing with natural, recycled, non-contaminant and regional materials.
  • Wasted materials: minimization of wasted construction materials and wasted products during the operation phase, by means of designing and sustainable materials.
  • Indoor air quality: minimization of air pollutants in interior spaces, control of temperature, air humidity and electromagnetic radiation, by means of designing and sustainable materials.
  • Geobiology: control of natural radiations and zones of geophysics alteration zones, by means of the study of the ground.
Imprimir                       Bioclimatic dwelling nZEB Lliçà. Winter scheme.
Imprimir                       Bioclimatic dwelling nZEB Lliçà. Summer scheme.
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