Thermal analysis (Part 1)

Thermal study in energy refurbishment (Part.1)

Our office has recently acquired a thermal chamber in order to evaluate constructive weaknesses in inspections and controls of buildings to ensure that the processes of energy refurbishment, new construction and consultancy that we usually carry out have a more precise quality control.

This first blog entry is a part of a series of reports that we will be developing and sharing with you throughout this year.

Thermal camera: First tests, first impressions:

Detail of floor-slab without insulation:



Ambient temperature at 18ºC: The thermal camera shows that we have the walls at 15ºC and the floor slab   without insulation 11ºC, a thermal jump of 7ºC.

Detail of window lintel without insulation:


4A+A Arquitectura Ambiental Team

February 2017