NOMAD Bioclimatic & Passive House Design

Site: Barcelona.
Client: Arquima Design.
Constructed area: 69,50 m².
Heating demand: 5 Kwh/m²/any.
Cooling demand: 7 Kwh/m²/any.
Energy rating: A 29,80 Kwh/m²/any. (Passive house)

Designed by 4A + A Arquitectura Ambiental, the NOMAD House is designed with a bioclimatic approach and it is firmly committed with sustainability in order to offer its occupants spaces with a high degree of comfort, interior flexibility, contemporary aesthetics and energy efficiency. The speed, simplicity, efficiency planning and execution are other qualities that make up the DNA of the project.

The architectural volume stands out for its simplicity and is designed around the concept of dual view; the house opens to the environment in both directions. This gives the interior space and its occupants the experience of enjoying views and incorporates the landscape into the house itself. The house rises above the ground by means of pilotis in order to affect as little as possible in it, by minimizing the foundations and contributing the natural soil infiltration. An exterior structure with pergola defines the space of the wooden-deck and provides an inviting outdoor gathering space to enjoy the garden.

The housing program is developed on one level and consists of a daytime area with a unified and open main space, which is the heart of the house and includes kitchen, dining-room and living-room. They are linked directly to the outside terrace and garden. A fireplace articulates and reinforces this space as a place for family reunion. The southern orientation of the spaces maximizes natural lightning and ventilation; and thanks to solar control it is possible to enjoy all spaces both winter and summer. The program is complemented with a double and a flexible space, which is likely to be used either as another double room, as a workspace or as extension of the living-room. This space can also be divided into two single rooms.
The house has A Energy Rating and is designed with PassivHaus criteria. NOMAD has been conceived through a careful study of its volume and optimization of its constructive envelope with walls and fenestration of excellent quality and with a high degree of insulation and sealing, which ensures high energy efficiency due to the very low demand for energy needed to keep the interior spaces in a comfort temperature condition. The use of wood, certified and produced in close proximity, results in a building constructed with very low embodied energy and low CO₂ emissions in its energy construction process. Toxic free materials and volatile organic compounds used for coatings and interior facilities ensure a healthy and comfortable housing.

4A+A Arquitectura Ambiental