Bioclimatic & Passive House at Bescanó

Site: Bescanó, Girona.
Client: Arquima
Constructed area: 273 m².
Heating demand: 27.52 Kwh/m²/any.
Cooling demand: 13.18 Kwh/m²/any.
Energy rating: A 48.15 Kwh/m²/any. (Passive house)
Construction company: Arquima

The house has A Energy Rating and is designed with PassivHaus criteria. This house has been conceived through a careful study of its volume and optimization of its constructive envelope with walls and fenestration of excellent quality and with a high degree of insulation and sealing, which ensures high energy efficiency due to the very low demand for energy needed to keep the interior spaces in a comfort temperature condition. The use of wood, certified and produced in close proximity, results in a building constructed with very low embodied energy and low CO₂ emissions in its energy construction process.

4A+A Arquitectura Ambiental February 2019.