Passive house at historical centre

Site: Calle Prim, Rubí, Barcelona.
Cliente: Private.
Year: In progress.
Gross floor area: 239,80 sqm.
Demand calef/refrig.: 22 Kwh/sqm/year
Emissions CO2:  6,7 KgCO2/sqm/year
Energy qualification: A (passive housing)

The project of this dwelling unit has a triple challenge: Develop a rich house program in a very narrow urban land in the storic centre of the city, achieve low energy demands – similar to PassivHaus- and at the same time overcome the constraints of a limited budget so characteristic of our times.

The layout of the spaces in the plan floor has been taken into account according to their uses: The ground level floor houses a workspace and the car parking, while at the higher levels the stratification occurs passing from a public use (living room- dining room-kitchen) integrated into an open space on the first level, in direct relation to the outdoor terrace, to one more private such as those of the second and third floors which host the most private area of ​​the bedrooms. In section, the space is organized around the staircase that links the four levels of the house.

The building materials selection was based on several factors: The architectural envelope is at the same time structural system and protection of external climatic conditions. The chosen system is Ytong, which presents transmittance values ​​close to 0.2 W / m²K enclosures. The chosen materials are natural and toxic-free, and try to express an austere interior aesthetics.

The energy demand for heating and cooling is 22 kwh/year/sqm.

4A+A Arquitectura Ambiental April 2015

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