Urbanism & traffic management project

Site: Av. Barcelona – Passeig Francesc Macià de Rubí, Barcelona.
Client:  Rubí Town Council.
Year: In progress.
Site area: 1.334,00 sqm.


The project aims at establishing the bases and criteria for the development and construction of the public space urbanization project in order to calm the road traffic, create new rest areas, moreover substitute and repair the existing exterior pavement. The proposal consists on creating an urban continuity to the pedestrian space. At the present, the successive urban interventions are overlapped and do not allow the overall view and appretiation of this public space.

The main objective of the Project is to give a more clear view and habitability to the pedestrian space, mainly by means of calming the urban traffic.

One of the qualities that every public space should have is the legibility, which is the attribute of comprehension, knowledge and information of a given public space. Nowadays, one of the more important problems the public space suffers is the invasiveness of the road traffic along the transversal streets.  These ones do not possess the necessary elements to provide the drivers a clear vision of being crossing a pedestrian area and moreover realizing that they do not have the pass priority. Even though in the cases of Llobateras, Montserrat and Cervantes street, the continuity of the pavement is because of the road traffic and its asphalt surface.  This way the vehicles get into the pedestrian zone without the needed precaution which implies a security problem.

Considering the deteriorated condition of the pavement surface, the functional deficiencies and the little broad of the street, the decision of designing the street section in an asymmetric way has been taken. By means of this kind of section is possible specialize the use of the sidewalks: The street furniture and services are arranged on the tree-covered side, and this way the pedestrian space achieve and gain more importance than the road traffic area.

The chosen pavement materials and the street furniture will solve the different uses in a functional way. Opting for the chromatic homogeneity -necessary to give unity to the intervention- and a controlled budget are the strategies chosen to obtain a high performance related to the durability and aesthetic of the proposed design elements.

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