Environmental improvement project for la Riera de Rubí

Site: Rubí, Barcelona.
Client: Rubí Town Council
Year: In progress
Area: 69.800,60 sqm


La Riera de Rubí is part of the Llobregat basin system. It’s originated by the union of La Riera de les Arenes and la Rambla de las Fuentes, in the municipality of Terrassa. In the district of Rubí receives several volumes of water which proceed from the highlands of the north:  Balasc Can and Can Canyadell, which demarcate the boundary of the municipality of Castellbisbal, and Tallafigueres Can, Can Xercavins Can Pi de la Serra, San Muç, Ramoneda Can and Can Solà.

The proposal of improvements of the fluvial space of la Riera is concentrated in the public river bank and on the public and private land which surrounds la Riera, and integrates the biological space of the river, bank vegetation and floodplain.

The proposed measures, below listed, have the objective of improving the environment and landscape qualityof la Riera, and also avoid the actual degradation.

  • Measure 1. Removal of concrete blocks, debris and organic waste.
  • Measure 2. Elimination of the no native vegetal species. Sector 1.
  • Measure 3. Plant new native vegetation on the right bank.
  • Measure 4. Plant new native vegetation on the left bank.
  • Measure 5. Clear of scrub the existing pedestrian pathway.
  • Measure 6. Plant halophyte vegetation on the floodgate area.
  • Measure 7. Plant halophyte vegetation on the left bank.
  • Measure 8. Repair damaged part of the breakwater.
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