Eco-Resort Master Plan

Site: Guayaquil (Ecuador).
Client: Private.
Year: 2015.
Site area: 4.523.000 sqm.

Team: Hàbitat Català, GEENI, Arquitectura Agronomia.


The commission consists on designing and proposing a work plan for the construction and sustainable development of a large ecotourism resort, based on LEED environmental certification and particularly in the category of Neighborhood Development.

The resort basically consists of a hotel area with a golf course, a shopping area, a sport marina, and different residential areas, all with their respective facilities.

The proposal is focused on the analysis and development of the following aspects:

  1. Urban planning proposals:

1.1     Zoning

1.2     Constructed area

  1. Sustainable planning proposals:

2.1     Constructed spaces

2.2     Green spaces and biodiversity

2.3     Water management

2.4     Mobility management

2.5     Energy management

In short, what is proposed is to create a model of sustainable tourism growth, understanding it as serving the needs of tourists and host regions while protecting and promoting opportunities for the future. It is conceived as a way to manage all resources so that they can meet the economic, social and aesthetic needs while respecting at the same time cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and systems that sustain life.