Habitat, Urbanism and Sustainable Building Master Degree


4A+A in collaboration with the Instituto Internacional de Formación Ambiental-IIFA of Spain and the Fondo Verde, and included within the Masters and Post degrees Program of its academic cloister, participates in the Habitat, Urbanism and Sustainable Building Master Degree.

The objective of this Master is to create awareness and a solid education in the students in the field of the environmental sustainability,  keeping in mind a multidisciplinary and holistic point of view related to global problems of the planet and cities, and also the difficulties which may involve energy issues with the buildings.

The architect Toni Escudé, one of the partners of 4A+A Arquitectura Ambiental, will be in charge of advising and guiding the Master’s Alumni within the courses of “Sustainable human settlement” and “ Building Thermal wellness “. He will also manage and coordinate the final projects of the Master degree program.



With this new commission, 4A+A Arquitectura Ambiental keeps on participating in the field of the university education, and commits with the spreading of values which are the best ways to transmit the change towards an sustainable architecture, a fair society respectful with the environment.

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