Office building energy management – MARIE Project


Site: Dr. Roux – Via Augusta, Barcelona.
Year: 2014
Groos floor area: 8.200 sqm

Collaboration: MARIE – COAC Project


Aa is participating in the MARIE program (Mediterranean Building Rethinking for Energy Efficiency Improvement) and the COAC (Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Catalunya), in the study and evaluation of energy management in offices buildings without investment.

The study will be conducted during one year in both public and private buildings in order to compare the results, and thus generate a protocol to implement the results results in all the existent offices buildings in the Mediterranean area.

The study and analysis, affects both the building facilities and the type of construction, but especially in the habits and user behavior, and all this just to show that acting on these indicators it is possible to achieve large energy savings that can help diminish the great current energy problem, reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and the problems of global warming.

Aa, will be part of the first group of technicians certified by MARIE to carry out this approved protocol at European level in the field of Building Energy Management in offices buildings.

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