Winners of environmental auditing competition nZEB for central offices of The Architects Chamber of Catalonia


4A + A Arquitectura Ambiental has been chosen winner of the “Analysis and evaluation of the necessary actions in the buildings of the Architects Association of Catalonia” competition.

The analysis and assessments of the necessary actions included a detailed proposal for audits of the buildings, both environmental (With the objective of achieving a Near Zero Energy Building or nZEB) and Technical Due Diligence.

The buildings under study were:

1_Barcelona (Plaça Nova 5)
2_Barcelona (C/Arcs 1-3)
3_Vic (Bisbe Oliva 2)
4_Girona (Plaça Catedral 8)
5_Tarragona (Sant Llorenç 20)
6_Lleida (Canyeret 2)

4A+A Arquitectura Ambiental, February 2018