Urban Distortions of Rubí city study

Urban distortions.Analysis of the urban design and uses of public spaces at Rubí city.

The Urban Distortions project , in collaboration with Helena Cruz, has analyzed the public space of Rubí and the relationship between its design and composition, the urban uses developed by the people and its impact on the city. Through the term Urban Distortions, the focus of this project is to collect and understand the dysfunctions that take place in the configuration and uses of Rubí’s public spaces and, at the same time, determine which uses could be developed and define the necessary interventions to strengthen the network of public spaces.

The analysis of the public space and its main distortions allows us to contribute to its improvement, by identifying the main challenges and formulating  actions and specific intervention proposals. The final objective of the project has been to define strategies and proposals to influence the design of the public space and thus improve the quality and address their current weaknesses or respond to today opportunities.

4A+A Arquitectura Ambiental, October 2018