Natural swimming pond

Site: Sta. María de Palautordera, Barcelona.

Client: Private.

Year: 2016.

In collaboration with Cristina Abad.


At the same time we developed the project of bio-refurbishment, we received the commission to transform an existing concrete-made swimming pool into a natural pond. In order to do this, we collaborate with Cristina Abad, who is an expert in this kind of projects.

With her advice we defined the design, planning and the final budget, in which the labor tasks will be performed by the family. This way, the construction costs were lower and moreover this provided a great satisfaction and esteem to the clients due to the implemented self-construction method.

This kind of natural swimming pools is more beneficial than traditional ones because of health reasons: The absence of chemical products in the crystalline water allows taking a bath without discomfort in the body.

The maintenance of the pool is very simple; there are no worries about the PH or chlorine content. It is only necessary to extract the sediments that occasionally remain on the bottom of the pool, trim the plants once or twice a year and empty the skimmers when they are full.

The savings to conduct this kind of projects are larger than building a traditional swimming pools and the return of investments are quite shorter. A natural swimming pool has approximately a maintenance cost (Cleaning products, energy) of 200 € per year, in the other hand the cost of a traditional one is 2000€ per year.