Energy consulting for house project.

Site:Valldoreix, Barcelona.
Client: Private.
Year: 2015.

Gross floor area: 150 m2.

Energy qualification: A

Emissions CO2: 7  Kg CO2/m² any.

Energy consumption: 35 Kwh/sqm/year.


The assignment consists on evaluating an existing project regarding the following issues: Orientation and sun protection, definition of building envelope of the architectural systems (Cladding, fenestration, glazing, insulation thickness), design of HVAC, ventilation, lighting and hot water system .Once this first phase is completed, and following principles of sustainability, we proceed to make a proposal to improve the existing project with the aim of reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Using passive strategies such as optimizing the percentage of openings in facades, properly sizing the sun protection, adjusting the thickness of insulation, using a high performance fenestration and glazing, and properly sizing the HVAC and hot water systems it is possible to obtain energy savings of approximately 45%.

Finally it is evaluated the Return of Investment (ROI) related to the proposed improvements, showing that in six years this is recovered.