Environmental consulting for Logistic Center, Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Site: Buenos Aires. Argentina.
Client: MSGSSS.
Project site area: 37,60 ha.
Gross floor logistic area: 126.720 sqm aprox. | Gross floor commercial area: 10.475 sqm aprox.


The proposals for sustainable architecture have been thought through a process of integrative design where are taken into account all the system components that make up the project and its environment: Users, mobility, biodiversity of the environment, water, materials, energy and waste, in order to provide innovative and efficient responses that are easy to implement and do not involve substantial changes to the project and its operation and besides are environmentally friendly.

The possibility of developing a project like this, which can achieve the basic criteria of sustainability, it is essential for a city looking for a sustainable future. To get this it is necessary to achieve carbon neutrality, a high percentage of energy efficiency with resources generated on site, water self-sufficiency, efficient mobility, effective and well-organized transportation and finally a well-planned management of the waste generated on site.

The CTC can be a highly efficient project, able to generate, store and manage in a self-sufficient way most of the energy it uses, the water it needs and the wastes it could generate.

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