Sustainable leisure space competition

Site: Turó de Gardeny, Lleida
Client: BILOBA.
Year: 2015
Gross floor area: 6.653,58 sqm.


4A+A, in collaboration with Josep Bunyesc architecture office, A+B Technical Architects, MAFO Engineering and SINAGRO Engineering, has participated in the competition for a new proposal of construction and business running of the leisure activity at Turó de Gardeny, Lérida.

The presented proposal is based on the layout, design and construction of different spaces and elements in order to create a multi leisure and cultural complex, having in mind as main reference the sustainability, water and energy saving, recycled materials, environmental impact reduction, moreover mobility and acoustic pollution.

The proposed activities in the interior of this space will make possible to have business hours even during the evening and holiday days and develop leisure and cultural activities, creating this way a reference in the city of Lleida and surrounding towns.

The layout and design of the space take into consideration that the architectural envelope, technical installation and materials make possible to delimit the different zones in order to develop activities during daytime and evening time.

The BILOBA proposal obtained the best score among the three finalists and was the winner with 49 out of 50 points on the technical section, overcoming the second and the third team with 24, 5 and 18, 5 points respectively. Nevertheless the high score and because a mistake in the rules of the competition, the final winner was the team with the higher budget and the lower qualified technical proposal.