Audit for Energy Consumption Reduction (ARCE) for single-family house

Site: Llampaies (Girona).
Client: Private.
Gross floor area:300 sqm.


The commission consists on studying and analyzing the energy consumption of a single family house in a village situated at Empordà, in order to determine solutions to reduce it. The house has been constructed in 2007 and has a solar panels system for hot water supply and it uses heating oil and electricity as energy sources.

To do this analysis, it has been decided to monitor the consumption during a few months period, in order to identify opportunities to lower the energy consumption of the different systems according to the habits of its users.

Moreover, the energy billing will be analyzed for the purpose of deciding if it is necessary to change the contracted electricity bill and/ or to change the supply company. In addition, it will be performed the energy certification of the house with the purpose of improving the energy efficiency label by means of upgrading measures.

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